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Cryptography consulting

Are you building an encrypted messaging app?
A secure platform for healthcare data?
A next-generation financial market?
Tim provided us with an expert security audit of an AES / SIV (RFC 5297) implementation which we needed in order to support pairwise identifiers in the OpenID Connect SDK that Connect2id maintains. His diligent and systematic work was very much appreciated!
Vladimir Dzhuvinov, CEO of Connect2id
We can integrate state-of-the-art cryptography into your software safely and securely.
Custom protocol design
We work on custom cryptography designs based on a client's particular needs. End-to-end encrypted messaging like the Signal app, quantum-resistant TLS/SSL, encrypted storage systems and more.
Secure implementations of cryptographic algorithms
From AES, RSA, and elliptic curves to more exotic techniques like oblivious RAM, we will help you navigate the many options available, and take a concept from design to secure production code.
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